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What are the Commonly Used Mineral Deposit Sampling Methods?

Common Ore Deposit Sampling Methods Grooving Method: This method involves digging a groove of a certain size on the ore body, and using all the dug-out ores from the groove as samples. The grooves should be arranged where the mineral composition changes the most. The cross-sections of the grooves are typically rectangular or triangular, with […]

Eco-Friendly Gold Extraction Technology with 99% Recovery on Electronic Components

On January 22nd, 2024, we welcomed a customer from South Korea for an on-site visit focusing on our innovative environmentally friendly chemicals for gold extraction. During their visit, our lead engineer, Gavin, conducted live experiments using the customer’s raw materials – electronic components containing high gold content. The results were highly impressive: our eco-friendly chemicals […]

 How to determine the cyanide treatment plan?

To determine whether a certain type of ore is suitable for cyanidation or flotation and reselection, visual assessment is followed by various targeted experiments to obtain various data, ultimately determining the optimal processing method through comprehensive evaluation.

The entire process of cyanide leaching for gold extraction, what is it like?

The entire process of cyanide leaching for gold extraction is as follows: The cyanide process involves using a reagent to react with the ore, dissolving the gold from the ore into the reagent solution. The gold is then adsorbed and replaced, initially concentrated, and then refined through smelting to obtain the final product of gold […]