Exports of sodium cyanides and oxides of sodium cyanide to Guinea

Sodium Cyanide is a high molecular weight compound that is commonly used in a variety of industrial processes, including gold and chemical synthesis. Sodium Cyanide is a white disc with a minimum NaCN content of 98%, and this characteristic appearance is a sign of its purity and quality. During the transportation process, we have made full preparations to ensure its safety.

Reliable Packaging:
Iron Drums: Sodium Cyanide is safely packed in high-quality iron drums. This sturdy packaging protects the product from moisture, ensuring it arrives at its destination in the best condition.
Enhanced Safety Features: The drums are specially designed to isolate any potential hazards, providing additional security during transportation.

We are proud of our strict protocols for shipping sodium cyanide to Guinea for this reason.

DASENMINING Sodium cyanide is shipped to Guinea 2 - Exports of sodium cyanides and oxides of sodium cyanide to Guinea

Here is a video demonstrating our sodium cyanide’s safe arrival in Guinea.

Unboxing Video of Arrival in Guinea:

Please note: It is important to note, however, that even small amounts of sodium cyanide may contain sodium cyanide and require careful handling and cleaning in case of accidental contact.

Dasenmining have a long history of producing high quality sodium cyanide, and we have all the necessary certifications for export. We export hundreds of thousands of tons every year, always meeting the highest quality standards.

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