【Project Time】18th, Feb. 2017
【Capacity】25000 tons per month
【Raw ore】 Pb+Zn
【Country】KAYSERI, Turkey
【Experimental recovery】 70%
The daily processing capacity is 961.5 tons and the hourly processing capacity is 80.13 tons
SiO2 density is 2.2 ~ 2.66, Pb density is 11.34 and Zn density is 7.14g/cm3

The ore of the project is mainly associated with lead-zinc and silver minerals, both sulfide ore and the oxide ore. The Pb grade of sulfide ore is about 2%, the Zn grade is about 8%, the silver content is 93.5g/t, the gold content is 0.5/t, and the sulfur content is 10.48%; The Pb grade of oxidized ore is about 5%, the Zn grade is about 15%, silver is 80.4g/t and gold is 0.2g/t, of which the oxidation rate of lead is 12.81% and that of zinc is 15.15%.

铅锌矿 5 1030x601 - 25000 Tons Per Month Lead-Zinc Ore Concentrator in Turkey

Recommend flotation to customers. Customers only need heavy medium beneficiation and said that their friends have done heavy medium beneficiation in Iran, and the effect is not bad, and recommend that they use heavy medium beneficiation.

The first stage grinding, fineness of – 200mm accounts for 65%, lead is preferentially selected, one roughing and two sweeping are adopted for lead selection, lead coarse concentrate is reground, grinding fineness of – 400mm accounts for 87%, and then concentrated, and the final lead concentrate is obtained after three times of concentration; The lead tailings are then used for zinc separation. The final zinc concentrate is obtained after one roughing, two sweeping, and three cleanings, and all middlings are returned to the flotation process in sequence.

SF型浮选机12 - 25000 Tons Per Month Lead-Zinc Ore Concentrator in Turkey

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