Tin exploration and beneficiation in Nigeria

Part Four: Conquering the 50-Meter Deep Mine Shaft – Farewell to Inefficient Manual Washing

The journey of the Dasen Team in Africa continues, as this time we have arrived at another tin mine area in Nigeria. What sets this mine apart is the depth of its shaft, reaching over 50 meters! However, despite this deep excavation, the ore extraction here still relies on the ancient method of manual washing, instead of modern mining techniques.

This traditional mining method not only suffers from low efficiency and long cycles but also imposes extremely challenging working conditions. In order to help the mine area enhance productivity and reduce costs, the Daisen Team has decided to tailor-make an efficient ore processing plant.

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Customized Solutions

To gain a better understanding of the mine area, professionals like Hilary, Gavin, Milo, Joan, and others ventured deep into the shaft for on-site surveys and engaged in detailed discussions with the mine owners. They meticulously studied the terrain, mineral characteristics, current tin ore processing methods, and collected numerous ore samples for analysis.

After experimental analysis, the Daisen Team developed a comprehensive tin ore processing plan (EPC) for the mine area, encompassing equipment selection, process design, and production line layout. This plan not only significantly boosts ore processing efficiency and reduces production costs but also enhances the traditional working conditions in Nigeria, bringing tangible benefits to the mine area.

Please watch the video footage captured by our team on-site to witness our activities and preliminary analysis.

Nigeria Office, Providing Professional Services

In order to better serve Nigeria’s tin mine clients, Daisen Mining has established the “Nigeria Office.” Here, you can access professional ore processing consulting services, as well as cutting-edge ore processing equipment and technologies. Our staff will be delighted to answer all your inquiries and provide you with top-quality service