DASEN Exploring the Secrets of Gold-Bearing Rock in Hebei’s Remote Mountains

The footsteps of the Dasen team span the globe, and this time, we find ourselves in the remote mountains of Hebei, near Shijiazhuang, investigating a gold-bearing rock mine. This mine holds immense potential, from its geographic location to the quality of its ore, with gold grades ranging from 10 to 50 grams per ton and an anticipated annual output exceeding 10,000 tons, all of which inspire great confidence in the mine.

rock Gold Recovery 2 - DASEN Exploring the Secrets of Gold-Bearing Rock in Hebei's Remote Mountains

Traditional Cave Mining in Need of Techn Upgrade

Currently, the mine relies on traditional cave mining methods, which, while requiring minimal technical expertise, suffer from low efficiency and significant resource wastage. To improve the mine’s productivity,  Dasen team has decided to tailor a highly efficient gold ore processing solution.

Precision Sampling, Scientific Analysis, crushing rock for gold, and Customized Mineral and rock sorting

Dasen’s geological exploration team has ventured deep into the mining area, conducting multi-point sampling of the ore and gathering extensive data for analysis. Additionally, they have comprehensively surveyed the geographic conditions and ore characteristics of the area.

From the video, you can see Gavin smashing rocks violently:

After rigorous analysis and deliberation, Dasen has developed a comprehensive 300 tpd gold ore in rock process plant. This plan includes selecting appropriate mining equipment, designing process flows, and planning production lines. Not only will this plan significantly boost ore processing and reduce production costs, but it will also maximize gold recovery, providing tangible benefits to the mine.

300 tpd hard rock gold mining process: Driving Efficient Mine Development

  • Crushing and Screening
  • Gravity Separation

We Provide:  jaw crusher, hammer crusher, wet pan mill, vibrating table, belt conveyor, gold smelting furnace, diesel generator, and other spare parts.
This processing plant will employ cutting-edge mining technology and equipment to efficiently process ore extracting gold from rocks.

#DasenMining Expertise: Providing Efficient Mine Development

Dasen’s team boasts extensive experience and robust technical capabilities in gold ore processing, garnering widespread recognition within the industry. We firmly believe that through Dasen’s professional expertise and service, this Hebei 300tpd Rock Ore Sorting Processing will thrive, making significant contributions to local economic development

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