Beyond Jigs: Advantages of Spiral Chutes in Fine Material Recovery


Mineral mining and mineral processing are greatly influenced by gravity mineral processing, and spiral chutes, as common gravity mineral processing equipment, have attracted wide attention in the industry due to their high efficiency and practicality as one of the most popular gravity mineral processing equipments.


The advantages of spiral chutes over other gravity separators (such as jigs) are obvious. It is particularly suitable for materials with fine and uniform particle size, and can operate without external power supply, which is very suitable for locations with limited power or remote areas.

sapiral chute 2 - Beyond Jigs: Advantages of Spiral Chutes in Fine Material Recovery

Features of Spiral Chute:

Durable material: Fiberglass with a polyurethane lining is covered with wear-resistant corundum, which is moisture-proof, rust-proof, and corrosion-resistant, and has a long service life.

Applicable fine-grained materials: Spiral chutes are more suitable for processing fine-grained materials than jig machine separter.

Energy saving and environmental protection: Since no electric drive is required, this is very suitable for mineral processing operations in power-deficient areas, while also reducing operating costs and saving energy.

Multi-stage selection: Spiral chutes are usually used for roughing and shaking tables for final selection.

However, by adjusting the process and the number of units, it is also possible to use only multiple sets of spiral chutes to complete the roughing, concentrating and other operations. The specific configuration scheme needs to be customized according to the material characteristics.


Application Areas of Spiral Chutes:

  • Non-ferrous metal ore selection such as gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc
  • Non-metallic ore selection such as fluorite and quartz sand
  • Recycling and treatment of smelter tailings

The flexibility of configuration highlights its adaptability to different ore types and processing needs, and enhances its practicality in mining operations. This ability to adjust settings according to material characteristics ensures optimal performance in achieving the desired sorting results, whether it is preliminary sorting or final concentration stage.


The spiral chute plays an important role in the mineral mining and ore dressing industries as an efficient and practical gravity ore dressing equipment. With Dasen Mining’s spiral chute equipment and ore dressing process design solutions, customers are able to extract and utilize minerals efficiently.