Deep Dive into African Mining Zones, Facilitating Tantalum-Niobium-Tin Ore Deep Mining!

Part Three: On-Site Exploration, Unveiling Primitive Ore Washing Techniques

The journey of the Dasen team in Africa continues, as we were invited to embark on an on-site exploration of the tantalum-niobium-tin ore zone in Nigeria. Upon entering the mining area, we were astonished to find that the mining plant is still employing primitive ore washing techniques!

According to the mine owner, this traditional ore washing method not only suffers from low efficiency but also yields a very poor recovery rate, leading to a significant waste of mineral resources. In order to enhance production efficiency and reduce costs, the mine owner urgently seeks to introduce new equipment and technologies for the deep mining of tantalum-niobium-tin ore.

Precision Sampling, Scientific Experimentation, and Client Approval

In order to better understand the grade and characteristics of the ore, Gavin and Joan from the Dasen team immediately engaged in multi-point sampling of the ore to ensure an average grade of the minerals. Subsequently, the collected samples were taken back to the laboratory for analysis and experimentation.

After a series of rigorous tests, the Dasen team successfully developed the optimal ore washing scheme for this mining area. By presenting the process flow diagram of the tantalum-niobium-tin ore to the mine owner, they gained high approval from the client.

图片1 2 - Deep Dive into African Mining Zones, Facilitating Tantalum-Niobium-Tin Ore Deep Mining!

Welcome to Our Nigeria Office!

In addition to on-site exploration, the Dasen team has also established an office in Nigeria to facilitate communication and interaction with local clients. Here, you can not only witness our equipment such as the three-disc electromagnetic separator but also visit our operational 100-ton per hour tin ore plant, truly experiencing the technical prowess and service level of the Dasen team.



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