Fast Start-Up Gold Production: 10 TPD Mobile CIL Plant

The 10TPD (tons/day) gold CIL (carbon in leaching) plant introduced today is an innovative and versatile gold cyanide leaching solution. Its popularity in the market highlights its efficiency and advantages in gold ore processing.


Equipment Highlights:

One-stop investment, efficient gold selection: All mineral processing equipment is integrated in the container, no additional infrastructure construction is required, it can be used out of the box, saving cost and time.

Flexible application to meet diverse needs: It can be used as a pilot-scale test equipment to test the mineability of gold mines and obtain gold ingot samples; it can also be directly put into production, suitable for small and medium-sized mineral processing operations with limited investment but high recovery rate.

Mature technology, reliable guarantee: It adopts advanced cyanide leaching technology, with high gold recovery rate and excellent mineral processing efficiency.

Convenient transportation and rapid deployment: Container design, easy transportation, can be moved to different mining areas for operation, meeting flexible site selection needs.

Reduce hidden worries and support throughout the process: No need to worry about potential problems caused by infrastructure construction, Dasen Mining provides comprehensive technical support and after-sales service to make your ore selection worry-free.

10 TPD CIL Plant 2 - Fast Start-Up Gold Production: 10 TPD Mobile CIL Plant

Applicable scenarios of 10TPD mobile gold cyanide leaching equipment:

Small and medium-sized gold mine beneficiation

Gold mine recoverability test (pilot scale)

Flexible site selection of mining operations


Working principle:

Crushing:  Crushing gold ore into materials of a certain particle size.

Grinding: The further grinding of the gold ore to finer particles facilitates its dissolution.

Leaching: Forming a gold cyanide complex by leaching gold ore with a solution containing cyanide.

Solid-liquid separation:  Solid-liquid separation separates gold-rich solution from leached slurry.

Desorption/electrolysis:  Gold mud is obtained through the replacement reaction or electrolysis of a gold-rich solution.

Smelting:  The gold mud is further processed into gold ingots.


We specialize in creating customized gold beneficiation solutions based on our experience in the research and development and manufacturing of gold beneficiation equipment.

10TPD mobile gold cyanide leaching equipment is your ideal choice for investment in gold selection. It is efficient, practical, flexible and reliable, helping you achieve efficient recovery of gold!