a centrifugal concentrate

How can a centrifugal concentrate + shaker save you money?

What are the advantages of a centrifugal concentrate in actual production? Next, Dasen mining will give you an example.
The centrifuge has a large processing capacity and is suitable for rough separation, pre-concentration and sweeping, and can solve the problems of small processing capacity and low work efficiency in the traditional shaking table gravity separation process.

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For example, for a 1000t/d processing plant, if a shaker is used, at least 50 shakers need to be configured, but if the combined process of centrifugal roughing + shaker concentration is used, only 6 shakers are needed. It is equivalent to 1 centrifugal concentrate + 6 shakers to meet the original processing capacity of 50 shakers. And after the pre-concentration of the centrifuge, the effect will be better when the shaker is selected.


Let’s compare shaker parameters with a centrifugal concentrate parameters.

Equipment Ratio of enrichment Capacity(t/d) Water consumption(m3/d) Power consumption(kw/d) Area covered
Shaking table 50-100 15-25 480m3/d 36kw 8m3
Jig 5-10 600-800 360m3/d 888kw 9m3

It can be seen from the comparison that in terms of stand-alone equipment, the power consumption, water consumption and floor space of the centrifuge are higher than those of the shaking table, but in actual production, the shaker requires more quantity due to its small processing capacity. Then let’s take a look at the data comparison before and after using the centrifugal reselection process.

1000t/d processing plant 

Process Number of equipment Total power consumption(kw/d) Total water consumption(m3/d) Area covered
Shaker concentration 40-70 1440kw-2520kw 19200m3-33600m3 320m3-560m3
Centrifuge roughing+Shaker concentration 1Centrifuge +5-8 Shakers 1068kw-1176kw 2760m3-4200m3 49m3-73m3

From this table it is apparent that a centrifuge with 6 shakers is equivalent to 50 shakers when used in actual production. According to this value, the combined process of “centrifuge roughing + shaking table concentration” can save 38% of electric energy, 86% of water, and 85% of workshop every day in a 1000t/d processing plant. At the same time, the centrifuge gravity separation process has a high degree of automation. One centrifuge and six shakers only need to be equipped with one worker, which can save 66% of manpower.

Process Number of equipment Total power consumption(kw/d) Total water consumption(m3/d) Area covered Labor quantity
Shaker concentration 50张 1800kw 24000m3 400m3 3
Centrifuge roughing+Shaker concentration 1台离心机+6台摇床 1104kw 3240m3 57m3 1
contrast Save electricity38% Save water86% Economical land use85% Labor saving66%

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