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Why do impact crusher stop working, and how can they be improved?

The crushing chamber, rotor and adjusting device are integrated, applied and upgraded according to the analysis of a large number of impact breaking technologies and working conditions at home and abroad, making crushing performance and operation and maintenance performance of the equipment more advanced. I was recently asked by a user:
“How can I improve crusher working the production capacity? How can I meet the production standard?”
“What if the impact crusher suddenly fails to operate?”
This is a question asked frequently by users. Discover how we can help you.

How can we increase production capacity?
1. Reduce the humidity of the material. When the material contains a large amount of water, it tends to adhere to the crushing chamber and block during blanking, reducing the impact crusher’s capacity. Materials with high moisture content can therefore be dried in advance to reduce their humidity to a reasonable level.
2. In advance, pre-screen materials, screen out large and powdery materials for treatment, so that the materials entering the crushing chamber are better able to meet the crushing design requirement of impact breaking, which is conducive to improving the production capacity of impact breaking.
3. Increasing the main motor’s power in a reasonable way. The stronger the main motor within the range of the rated motor power, the higher the production efficiency and the higher the production capacity. Therefore, the main motor’s power can be increased within the allowable range to improve counterattack breaking capabilities.
4. Increasing the rotor speed appropriately. As the rotor speed increases, the production capacity and crushing ratio of impact breaking will increase significantly, resulting in relatively fine product particles. The power consumption will increase with an increase in rotor speed, resulting in accelerated wear of the plate hammer and higher production costs. This is why production speeds should be increased.
5. Counterattack plates should be angled appropriately. By impacting material on the counterattack plate, the effective crushing force is greatly affected by the angle of the counterattack plate. When colliding with a counterattack plate, it is necessary to make the material perpendicular to the counterattack plate as much as possible. This will improve the capacity of the counterattack breaking.

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Can the impact crusher suddenly stop working during operation?
1. Because of the low voltage at the site of the operation, the stone cannot be broken, resulting in car stew. You need to adjust only the workplace voltage in this case. There is no clearance on both sides of the bearing seat of the frame due to the loose fastening bushing of the eccentric shaft, resulting in the eccentric shaft becoming stuck and unable to rotate. Fastening bushings must be reinstalled or replaced.

2.Since the bearing is severely damaged due to poor working conditions and heavy workload, we can put the new bearing into production.
3.Since the belt of the impact crusher’s driving sheave is loose, the rotation is weak and the belt slips. Replace only the belt in this case.
4.Material viscosity is too high or feeding speed is too fast, resulting in a blocked discharge port, resulting in a stuffed vehicle and full warehouse. To ensure the smoothness of the discharge port in the future, remove the blockage at the discharge port.

The crushing effect of impact crusher has an important impact on the quality of finished materials. As a result, in order to achieve high yield, we also need to pay attention to impact crusher maintenance. You can directly contact us and get answers to your questions if you know more about the relevant knowledge, model, and price of equipment at any time.

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