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What are the best gold ores for flotation plant?

Gold ore is generally associated with sulfide ore, such as pyrite, in addition to elemental gold. Flotation of gold ore is actually dressing of sulfide ore, because, through flotation, not only can gold be enriched to the maximum extent, but in the sulfide mineral concentrate, the tailings can be discarded and the beneficiation cost can be below. Flotation plant is also used to process polymetallic gold-bearing ores such as gold-copper, gold-lead, gold-antimony, gold-copper-lead-zinc-sulfur, and others.

Flotation is a beneficiation method that is widely used in current gold concentrators, various flotation agents are added during the separation process to adjust the physical and chemical properties of selected minerals and flotation media, and expand gold minerals and gangues. The difference in hydrophobicity between minerals, so as to realize the separation of gold minerals and gangue minerals. The method can enrich gold in sulfide mineral concentrates as much as possible and is conducive to the flotation plantrecovery of mineral resources.

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Gold ore suitable for flotation plant
In production practice, when the gold-bearing ore has the following characteristics, the flotation method can be considered for separation:
■ Ore in which gold and sulfide coexist closely;
■ Although most gold is not symbiotic with sulfide, ores contain considerable amounts of metal sulfides, forming stable foam containing gold sulfide.
■ Ores do not contain sulphides, but contain a large amount of iron oxide (such as iron cap). Ochre mud can stabilize foam.
■ Ores do not contain sulphides or iron oxides, but contain minerals that can enter foam and stabilize foam, such as sericite.
■ Pure quartz gold ore is mixed with sulfide ore at a certain ratio in advance, or about 3% metal sulphide is added, or suitable flotation reagent is selected to form stable foam.
■ The main metals (copper, lead, zinc, etc.) in gold ore have been recovered by flotation, and the tailings need to be cyanidated.

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