leaching process for gold

what is the cyanide leaching process ?

The gold ore has a high mining value, the gold processing technologies are more complex, and the gold processing equipment used is not the same. As a result of its simple process, high adaptability to ore, local gold, and high gold recovery, it plays a leading role in the gold industry.
At present, the common gold processing technologies mainly include cyanide leaching, flotation, and gravity separation. That is, through the crushing, screening, grinding, and classification, the ore is sent to the various gold processing equipment (leaching agitation tank, flotation cell, gravity separator) for separation. The concentrate obtained by the cyanide leaching, gravity separation, and flotation are smelted by the chemical methods, and the product is finally made into the finished gold. Below, we will mainly explain the gold processing equipment used in the different stages of gold processing.

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The cyanide leaching process is one of the main gold processing methods, which can be divided into agitation cyanide leaching and percolation cyanide leaching. Among them, the agitation cyanide leaching process mainly includes the cyanidation-zinc replacement process (CCD method and CCF method) and unfiltered carbon cyanide slurry process (CIP and CIL plant). The common gold processing equipment mainly includes the zinc powder replacement plant, leaching agitation tank, desorption electrolysis system.

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The flotation process is a gold processing method widely used in gold beneficiation, it is often used to treat the sulfide gold minerals with high flotability. This gold processing method is to float the gold into the copper, lead concentrate, and then extract the gold from the ore concentrate. The gold processing equipment used in the flotation method is the various types of air suction mechanical stirring floatation cell (SF flotation cell, BF flotation cell, JJF flotation cell ) and air-inflation mechanical agitation floatation cell (KYF flotation cell, XCF flotation cell).

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