Silver can be extracted from lead-zinc ores by following these procedures?

1. Construction of the heap leaching site.
In general, heap leaching sites are selected in mountainous areas near mining and transportation. Before building a foundation with a slope of 3 to 5%, weeds and floating soil should be removed, and then compacted to ensure the leachate flows into the storage tank by itself. Ideally, it should be built near the heap leaching site. There are three types of liquid pools: barren liquid pool, precious liquid pool, and flood control pools.
2. Ore pretreatment.
On one hand, pretreatment is intended to reduce the particle size of the ore. As the cyanide leachate is completely in contact with silver, the ore heap has a good permeability, which allows the leachate to penetrate evenly.
Pretreatment methods include heap leaching after crushing the particles to an appropriate size; granulation, and heap leaching after granulation. Crushing the ore to less than 30mm or more than 10mm is generally suitable for heap leaching.
3. To pile up.
Heaping is one of the main links in the heap leaching process. The way of heaping is related to the permeability of the ore heap and the uniform distribution of coarse and fine particles, which directly affects the leaching rate of silver.
Stacking can be done manually or mechanically.
When building a heap, try to avoid the ore being crushed to produce secondary slime, and avoid local compaction and segregation of ore particles. In order to ensure uniform distribution of ore particle size, good water permeability and air permeability of the ore heap, so that cyanide solution and oxygen flow through all parts of the ore heap, avoiding channeling and silting areas during leaching.
Sub-heaping, layered heaping, segmented and layered heaping are some of the heaping methods.
Generally, heap leaching heights range from 2 to 5 meters depending on the scale size.

4. After building the ore heap, set up pipelines and prepare for spraying.
5. Spray leaching.

6. Heap washing
7. Recovery of gold and silver in heap leaching liquid

sliver machine - Silver can be extracted from lead-zinc ores by following these procedures?

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