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What is the process of beneficiation of scheelite mine?

Gravity separation, magnetic separation and flotation can be used for the separation of scheelite. Depending on the type and properties of the ores, beneficiation methods and technological processes are also different. As a result of scheelite’s floatability, there are calcium gangue minerals with similar properties in the ore, which complicates flotation.

Scheelite Flotation can be applied to scheelite with complex structure, containing non-metallic minerals, useful minerals, and gangue minerals.

Fine-grained disseminated scheelite ore is usually floated by a single process, while coarse-grained scheelite ore is floated by combined gravity separation and flotation process. Scheelite is often associated with a variety of sulfide ores, including molybdenite, chalcopyrite and pyrite. In the process of beneficiation, sulfide ore is floatated first and scheelite is floatated later. Scheelite flotation is carried out in an alkaline medium. Pulp pH is adjusted with sodium carbonate and sodium hydroxide. The most common inhibitors are sodium silicate, tannin, and various phosphates. Commonly used collectors include sodium oleate, tar oil, oxidized paraffin soap, etc. In flotation, foaming agents are generally not added to collectors with foaming properties.

The flotation process is generally used in the beneficiation process of scheelite, and the commonly used flotation reagents are sodium carbonate and sodium hydroxide.

The flotation production line includes one roughing, two sweeping, and two refining processes to obtain concentrate products; after mixed flotation, the tailings are processed through one roughing, two sweeping, and three refining processes to obtain concentrate products; after one roughing, two sweeping, and four refining processes, the concentrate is obtained again by underflow, and the concentrate tailings are concentrated and filtered to obtain the final concentrate and tailings.

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Scheelite beneficiation equipment includes the following:
Jaw crusher and cone crusher: crush the ore to separate the useful minerals and gangue minerals.
Vibrating screen: the mixed materials are divided into different levels according to the particle size, and the qualified particle size products are sorted to avoid over crushing of ore and improve the productivity of crusher.
Ball mill: crush the ore to make the ore reach finer particle size.
Spiral classifier: timely separate qualified products to avoid over grinding. At the same time, it can separate unqualified coarse sand and return it to regrinding.
Hydrocyclone: timely separate qualified products: it also has the function of concentration
Flotation machine: aerate and stir the pulp to make the ore particles whose surface has been affected by the collector adhere to the bubbles and scrape out with a scraper to obtain the concentrate.
Thickener: the process of settling and concentrating the pulp to separate the clear liquid from the thinner pulp and make the pulp.
Filter: remove most of the capillary water in the material.
There are also some auxiliary equipment, including electric vibrating feeders, belt conveyors, mixing tanks, ore bins, sand pumps, pump pools, motors, etc.

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