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Research Ikomu Granite Pegmatite lithium Ore Mine in Nigeria

In addition, the deposit is a typical granite pegmatite lithium ore mine. Albite granite pegmatite is the type of ore, and spodumene and lepidolite are the principal useful components. The direction of the ore body is indeterminate, with near EW and NE directions. The occurrence is steep, and the dip angle is about 70°. The ore body is produced in vein shape. The grade distribution of the orebodies revealed at present is extremely uneven. According to reports, the grade of the orebodies after manual selection is about 6% Li2O. Due to the lack of any previous geological work, the length and spatial distribution of the specific orebodies are unknown.

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Work suggestion:

According to the occurrence of the ore body, it is suggested to use the drilling method to verify the spatial distribution and grade change of the deep ore body. According to the effect of verification, it is decided whether to carry out further work.

12 - Research Ikomu Granite Pegmatite lithium Ore Mine in Nigeria


Granite-pegmatite-type lithium ore is widely distributed throughout the world, attracting exploration interest from all countries. In this paper, we summarize the geological characteristics and research progress of the Ikomu granite-pegmatite-type lithium ore deposit in Nigeria. And by induction, the following understandings are obtained:
1)Lithium ore of granite pegmatite type is widely distributed and rich in resources, making it the main development object of lithium resources;
2) It may be the metallogenic tectonic environment of granite pegmatite-type lithium deposits, whether it is a stable platform or an active orogenic belt;
3) Mineralization of lithium is cyclical, and sedimentary rocks can also provide lithium;

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