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Is it necessary to beneficiate manganese ore?

1. Is manganese ore a mineral?
2. Is manganese ore formed naturally?
3. Manganese ore: what is it?
4. Is manganese ore like any other mineral?

锰矿12 - Is it necessary to beneficiate manganese ore?

1. After the raw ore is crushed, the particle size will be different. The particle size larger than 7mm can be called manganese lump ore, and the particle size smaller than 7mm is called powder ore, or seed ore, concentrate.

2. The role of manganese ore:
(1) In metallurgy: Manganese is an indispensable raw material for the iron and steel industry.
(2) In terms of ferrous metallurgy: standard ferromanganese can be smelted with high-grade manganese ore containing iron.

3. Manganese is a very strong reducing agent, it can absorb all the oxygen from the molten steel, so that there is no iron oxide in the steel, and it becomes a non-porous steel ingot.

4. Second, manganese is also an excellent desulfurizer. It can remove all sulfur in molten steel. Adding a small amount of manganese to steel can greatly improve the mechanical properties of steel, such as ductility, malleability, toughness, and wear resistance. ability.

5. Manganese steel, ferromanganese, and various alloys and manganese compounds made of manganese and copper, aluminum, nickel, cobalt, etc. are very useful in industry.

6. A small amount of silicon manganese can also be smelted from ferromanganese during the production of special steel.

7. Silicon manganese is very useful for smelting certain types of steel; in the non-ferrous metallurgical industry: alloys of manganese and copper can make anti-corrosion metal receptacles.

8. Ship equipment can be made from manganese bronze alloy.


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