How to find vanadium ore?

Among the vanadium-bearing associated ores found so far, most vanadium minerals have no mining value because of the low content of vanadium ore. At present, vanadium-bearing minerals that can be mined and utilized mainly include the following.
1. Vanadium titanomagnetite type. Vanadium titanomagnetite is a typical multi-element symbiotic ore
2. Black shale (stone coal) type.


Vanadium2 - How to find vanadium ore?

Vanadium ore prospecting sign

1. Vanadium titanomagnetite type
(1)It occurs in basic ultrabasic rocks such as gabbro peridotite. The rock masses are mostly distributed at the edge of the ancient land uplift belt and are controlled by deep and large faults.
(2)The differentiation of basic ultrabasic rock mass is good.
(3) Abnormal areas of vanadium, titanium, and rare earth elements.
(4)High magnetic anomaly area.

2. Black shales (stone coal) type

(1)Carbonaceous siliceous argillaceous rock series, Pu layered. It is often interbedded with the manganese ore layer, phosphorus nodule, shale (slate), and siliceous layer.
(2)Comprehensive geochemical anomalies such as vanadium, molybdenum, manganese, silver, nickel, uranium, cobalt, and barium.
(3) The organic carbon content is high and can be used as low heat coal.
(4)It occurs in marginal sea slope areas.
(5)Phosphate, manganese, barite, and stone coal beds are often good prospecting indicators.

Vanadium - How to find vanadium ore?

vanadium ore minerals

Vanadium is a light gray, ductile, hard, and non-magnetic metal with a high melting point. Hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid are not corrosive to it, but it has better resistance to gas saltwater corrosion than most stainless steel. It is not oxidized in air and is soluble in hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, and aqua regia.

Vanadium ore resources, one of the metal mineral resources. It refers to vanadium ore reserves, reserve basis, and resources. Most of them are used to smelt alloy steel in the form of ferrovanadium alloy, accounting for about 90% of the consumption, and non-metallurgical uses account for only about 10%.

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