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How to find raw nickel ore?

The content of nickel ore in the earth’s crust is 0.018%. The genetic types of nickel deposits are magma fusion type and weathered crust type (latite type), and industrial types are copper-nickel sulfide type and nickel oxide-nickel silicate type. In addition, raw nickel ore is often enriched in black rock series, which can form five-element deposits with cobalt, silver, bismuth, and uranium.

The prospecting signs of raw nickel ore include:

1. Nickel ore is distributed in the relaxation period after the plate collision period or in the rift, rift trough environment, or the transition zone of different tectonic units inside the ancient block.
2. The distribution of nickel deposits is controlled by long-term active deep fault zones.
3. Nickel deposits are produced in mafic-ultramafic rock basins, rock walls, and magmatic complexes.
4. The higher the degree of differentiation of the mafic-ultramafic rock mass, the more conducive to the formation of nickel deposits.
5. Due to the magnetic properties of pyrite, etc., magnetic anomalies can be used as a sign of prospecting for nickel deposits.
6. Because nickel pyrite, red arsenic nickel ore, etc. have good electrical conductivity, electromagnetic anomalies can be used as a sign of prospecting.
7. Geochemical anomalies such as copper, nickel, cobalt, and arsenic can be used as prospecting indicators.

nickel ore1 - How to find raw nickel ore?

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