How to find antimony ore?

As far as the host rock is concerned, the antimony deposit types include carbonate rock type, clastic rock type, shallow metamorphic rock type, marine volcanic rock type, continental volcanic rock type, and residual slope deposit, among which carbonate rock type antimony ore deposit is the most important.

锑矿1 - How to find antimony ore?

Antimony ore prospecting criteria

1. It occurs in the medium and low temperature hydrothermal metallogenic domain, such as the outer edge of the granitic body, sedimentary basin, or shallow metamorphic rock belt far away from the plate subduction zone, collision zone, and magmatic rock zone.
2. The common symbiotic minerals are quartz, calcite, orpiment, realgar, cinnabar, and low-temperature arsenopyrite.
3. Wall rock alteration is mainly silicification, followed by pyritization, baritization, and carbonation.
4. There are oxidation zones composed of stibnite, stibnite, antimony ochre, stibnite, red antimony, and limonite. Antimony is colorless or white, sometimes with light gray, light yellow, yellowish-brown, or red hue, with diamond luster. The cleavage surface shows pearl luster. The cleavage {110} is complete, {010} is incomplete, the ratio is significant, the hardness is low, crusty, soluble in 10% tartaric acid and hydrochloric acid, and white precipitation is produced by adding water in hydrochloric acid. Dyed brown in ammonia sulfide solution and dissolved slowly. Nitric acid is insoluble. Stibnite is light yellow or brown, has earthy luster, hardness 4-5, and can assume the illusion of stibnite crystal shape (long column and needle).
5. Gold, silver, arsenic, mercury, antimony, or tungsten geochemical anomaly area.
6. Because stibnite is non-conductive and antimony mineralization is closely related to silicification, it often shows high resistivity anomaly in electrical exploration.

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