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how the “pseudo” multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher came to be?

Dasen mining received a customer’s response to the equipment problem, which stated that the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is difficult to use, has poor effects, and still fails frequently. We discovered that the “multi cylinder” cone break that the customer used was to replace the external spring with a hydraulic cylinder, which caused a series of problems during production.


多缸 - how the "pseudo" multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher came to be?

Let’s see if you also come across this kind of multi cylinder cone break!

When choosing cone breaking, do you only see that the price is cheap? After comparison, only the appearance is similar?

Most customers who purchase ore equipment take chances and buy high-quality goods at low prices. In contrast, why is the price difference so great if the product is the same?

For new industry friends, they may not have much knowledge of equipment knowledge, since there are in fact two kinds of multi-cylinder cone breaks on the market, which are similar from the external mechanism, but very different from the inside:

  1. The main shaft is fixed on the frame, and the eccentric sleeve rotates around it to directly drive the moving cone to swing (the main shaft of multicylinder is thick and short, and provides higher bearing capacity), which is the true multi cylinder hydraulic cone breaking;

图片1 - how the "pseudo" multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher came to be?

  1. The other is a structure in which the main shaft and the moving cone are integrated, and the eccentric sleeve drives the main shaft and the moving cone to perform swing motion in concert. It is also known as a multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. The structure of the external insurance is actually changed with this type of cone crusher. This is a pseudo multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

图片2 - how the "pseudo" multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher came to be?

In comparison with the spring, the main shaft fixed multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has advantages such as high crushing frequency, gentle slope, high yield of crushed products, and high content of fine ore.

Furthermore, the difference in structure affects the force of the frame when crushing ore. The spring frame is subjected to tensile stress, while the multi-cylinder frame is subjected to weakened compressive stress. The multi-cylinder cone crusher also has advantages in terms of frame structure.

The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a high-energy, high-efficiency cone crusher. The structure’s external safety structure is made up of multiple sets of hydraulic cylinders. A pseudo-multi-cylinder cone crusher has a special structure, a small size, a large installed power, high speed, high efficiency, and a high quality of finished products, and its internal structure is still the same as a spring cone crusher. While the external spring is replaced by a hydraulic cylinder and an accumulator, its performance is still the same as that of the spring cone crusher, with large volume, low efficiency, and poor particle shape.

When purchasing equipment, friends should keep their eyes open for deals, make more comparisons, and identify more options, and never purchase a spring at the price of multiple cylinders.

多缸液压 - how the "pseudo" multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher came to be?

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