Does anyone know what black sand is? What is its value?

In general, it is some fine powder of iron or other metal substances that can be sucked up with a magnet. In the sand and gravel factory, most of the placer gold is washed out as fine black sand. It is only through the special appraisal of the technical department that I can determine the specific use value of most of them. The composition of the black fine powder in different rivers is also different.
Alluvial gold is usually produced in the bottom or low-lying areas of rivers, mixed with stone sand, and is washed out gold after panning. The so-called “alluvial gold” is just a set of rhetoric introduced by merchants in order to promote products.

The collection and processing of alluvial gold are not very valuable in themselves. Consumers will be deceived by many businesses using this gimmick to stimulate their greed for cheap.

Although the surface of placer gold looks golden, which is very similar to gold in appearance, the purity of placer gold is much lower than that of gold, and the presence of various impurities reduces the price of placer gold. The value of alluvial gold itself is not great, but it is better to say that alluvial gold is worth less than its impurities.

The black sands I say forget about trying to leach gold from them, pan the gold out of them, then if you wish to make iron from the black sands (probably easier than getting the small amount of gold they may contain, the gold would be an impurity in the iron, so when the iron is forged check the slag in your blacksmith shop for value.

Remove small amounts of iron, but to remove large amounts of black sand from a tiny amount of gold would cost fuel, labor, chemicals, and waste.黑沙1 - Does anyone know what black sand is? What is its value?

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