Gold centrifugal concentrator in Incheon of Korea

Centrifugal concentrator is mainly used for gold ore beneficiation, mainly targeting placer gold/rock gold, the most useful gold recovery machine.

As part of the placer gold beneficiation process line, centrifugal force gold concentrator machines are used to recover larger gold particles after the trommel screen.

In the process of rock gold beneficiation, the centrifugal concentrator is mainly used after the ball mill,  and is also used to recover the larger particle size gold from the pulp after grinding by the ball mill.

Centrifugal concentrator is usually used in combination with shaking table. In this case,  centrifugal concentrator is usually used as rough separating, while shaking table is for concentrating .

When used in combination, the both of them can greatly improve the gold ore’s recovery rate.

The following picture shows a fully automatic centrifugal concentrator that will be sent to Incheon, South Korea, mainly used for placer gold:

centrifugal - Gold centrifugal concentrator in Incheon of Korea

This centrifuge equipment machine is used as the experimental machine for placer gold washing. After the trial work is completed, the customer will purchase more equipment from our factory in the future.

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