How to find chrome ore?

China’s chromium deposits are typical magmatic deposits related to ultrabasic rocks, most of which are of ophiolite type, and deposits occur in the ophiolite belt. The Luobusha chrome mine in Tibet and the Sartohai chrome mine in Xinjiang belong to this category. From the perspective of the age of mineralization, the age of chromium ore formation in China is dominated by the Mesozoic and Cenozoic.

Search for chrome ore signs

Chrome ore is an inferior mineral for our country, and there is a serious shortage. They discovered chromite resources are small in scale and low in grade, and most of them are difficult to use. We need to redouble our efforts.

The signs for looking for chromite ore are:

1. Chromites are all produced in basic-ultrabasic complexes and ultrabasic rock walls and bedrocks, such as the famous Zimbabwe Great Rock Wall. Therefore, we must first search for the ultrabasic rock belt.
2. Chromite: First, it is produced in pure peridotite and clinopyroxene type intrusions mainly composed of pure peridotite. The ore bodies are mostly found in the coarse-grained pegmatite pure peridotite in the pure peridotite facies. The ore body has a gradual transition relationship with the surrounding rock. The boundary of the ore body needs to be delineated by analysis and testing. The ore body has complex shapes, mostly in the shape of lentils, lentils, veins, and irregular clumps; Among the main pure peridotite and clinopyroxene magnesite intrusions, the ore bodies mostly occur in the clinopyroxene facies or the pure peridotite heterologous bodies near the contact zone of this facies and pure peridotite facies. , Often distributed in clusters, belts, and sections, and the boundary between the ore body and the surrounding rock is clear. The ore bodies are mostly irregular pod-shaped, vein-like, sac-shaped, and columnar.
3. The chromium-bearing rock has a high ratio of chromium to iron and has a sponge meteorite structure. There are platinum group element anomalies and magnetic anomalies.
4. Bright green chromium-containing alteration minerals such as chromium muscovite, etc.

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