South Korean Customer Tests Placer Gold Recovery with Centrifuge Technology

Busan, South Korea – A customer from Busan, South Korea, recently visited our factory to explore innovative solutions for placer gold recovery. This project highlights the growing interest in utilizing advanced equipment to maximize gold extraction from marine deposits.

Unlocking Potential in Marine Placer Mines:

The customer, based in Busan City, is targeting placer gold deposits located offshore near North Korea. These mines are estimated to hold a promising gold concentration of 3 parts per million (ppm). To efficiently extract this valuable resource, the customer requires a solution that surpasses traditional methods.

Centrifuge Takes Center Stage (for Now):

Recognizing the limitations of conventional placer gold processing techniques, the customer is taking a strategic approach. He has opted to initially invest in a single STLB100 centrifuge for trial purposes.

Benefits of Centrifuge Technology:

Centrifuges offer significant advantages for placer gold recovery:

Enhanced Separation: By utilizing centrifugal force, these machines can efficiently separate gold particles from lighter materials within the ore slurry. This leads to a notably higher recovery rate compared to traditional gravity separation methods.
Streamlined Processing: Centrifuges offer a faster and more continuous processing workflow, contributing to increased efficiency and productivity.

Trial Run Paves the Way for Future Expansion:

With the STLB100 centrifuge, the customer will be able to conduct a controlled test run to determine the gold recovery rate achievable with this technology. Based on the successful outcome of this trial, the customer can then confidently plan the next steps in their placer gold beneficiation project. This may involve expanding their equipment setup to include a complete placer gold production line.

Our Role in Their Success:

Our team is committed to supporting the customer throughout this process. We provided comprehensive guidance on centrifuge selection and operation, ensuring they have the necessary tools to achieve optimal results. We look forward to collaborating further as they move forward with their placer gold mining endeavors.

The following are pictures of customers’ factory visits:

customers factory visits 1 - South Korean Customer Tests Placer Gold Recovery with Centrifuge Technology

Equipment production:

Equipment production - South Korean Customer Tests Placer Gold Recovery with Centrifuge Technology