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Mining shaker table: how do you choose it?

6S Mining shaker table users are often unaware how to measure the processing capacity of a single set of equipment when purchasing, or they are misled by some merchants and overestimate the processing capacity of the shaker, resulting in more or less equipment purchase. The efficiency of production and construction is greatly reduced. As a result, the construction scheme or infrastructure that might have been completed needs to be postponed.

Dasen mining’s professional technicians will answer this question for you today.

The processing capacity of the beneficiation shaker is determined by two factors:

There are several factors to consider, including the size of the bed, or the equipment itself. The wider the bed, the greater the processing capacity.

Size of mineral particles is also an important factor. The greater the processing capacity, the smaller the shaking table size, if the ore particle size is the same.

shaking table 36 - Mining shaker table: how do you choose it?

A standard bed surface is now available for the 6S Mining shaker table, measuring 4.5m * 1.82m. It is fed at a 25% concentration. The processing capacity of a single set of 1-2mm materials per hour can reach about 1.2t, and the processing capacity of materials below 0.5-1mm is about 1t.

The general processing capacity of 100-200 mesh minerals is 0.8 tons per hour

The mineral processing capacity of 200-300 mesh is 0.6 TPH

The above is the processing capacity of beneficiation shaker that we have verified through practice. You can take it as a reference to avoid unnecessary losses caused by blindly purchasing shaker.

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