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Describe the common flaws of 6S mining shaker table.

It is also common for the transmission box of the 6S mining shaker table to leak oil. The main cause of this may be the aging of oil seals or the loosening of oil pump screws. It may also be the cracking of the transmission box. Replace the oil seal directly if it is aging.

If the oil pump screw is loose, it is necessary to remove the screw, wrap the sealing tape around it, and then tighten the screw. Replacement of the transmission box is the only option if the headbox is cracked.

When the new machine is first installed, the 6S mining shaker table oil pipe does not spray oil. A damaged oil pump and a cracked or blocked oil pipe result from improper operation or long service life. The transmission pulley has a difference between forward rotation and reverse rotation, which we must pay attention to when installing the new machine. In the case of reverse oil pumps, oil cannot be applied, so we should pay attention here.


The rotation direction of the large belt pulley is running towards the bed surface, which is positive rotation, and the opposite direction is really reverse. However, we can rest assured that if the pulley runs in reverse, we don’t have to worry too much. We just need to exchange the positive and negative poles of the link line in the motor box.

Another reason why the oil pump of the new 6S shaking table does not pump oil is that there is air in the oil pump, resulting in excessive air pressure inside it. It only needs to manually rotate the large pulley forward for a few turns to remove the air in the oil pump.

shaker table for gold recovery - Describe the common flaws of 6S mining shaker table.

Because of the long service life of the 6S mining shaker table, we can only replace the parts if the oil pump is damaged or the oil pipe is broken and blocked. These parts are generally covered by a 1-2 year warranty if the manufacturer is a professional. Even if the parts need to be replaced, the price of the parts is very reasonable.


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