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Why do reconnaissance mineral samples?

In the sampling work, in order to make the mineral samples fully representative, the sampling plan is often drawn up together with the geological prospecting, design department, and the testing unit.

Reconnaissance Sampling 2 - Why do reconnaissance mineral samples?

1. Representativeness of mineral samples

There are many factors affecting the representativeness of ore samples, mainly geological factors and mining factors. The most basic requirement is that the test samples for beneficiation tests are basically consistent with the nature of the ore sent to the concentrator during mining in the future;
①It represents the type, proportion, and evaluation grade of ore mined during the production of the deposit.
②Represent the mineral composition and chemical composition of the ore.
③ Represents the infection characteristics and symbiotic structure of various useful minerals.
④ It represents the main physical characteristics of the ore (such as particle size, hardness, specific gravity, etc.).
⑤Represents the type, nature, and content of surrounding rock, interlayer, and gangue.
⑥It represents the content of harmful impurities and primary sludge of the ore.
⑦When there are several ore bodies in the mining area that do not need to be mined and processed separately, mixed ore samples are taken. The proportion of each type or grade of ore in the mixed ore sample should be basically the same as the proportion of the output of each ore body during future mining.

2. Weight of ore sample

The weight of the sample to be mined mainly depends on the type of ore, the scale of the test, and the purpose and requirements of the test. The method of beneficiation and the selectivity of the ore is difficult and easy to negotiate with the relevant units according to the specific situation. Generally, about 200 kilograms of ore samples for easy selection of siliceous apatite ore for small-scale experiments can be mined. In actual work, the sample weight is related to the particle size and is calculated according to the specific situation.

3. Arrangement of sampling points

The proper arrangement of sampling points is an important factor affecting the representativeness of mineral samples. Pay attention to the following issues:
①To make full use of existing exploration projects and mining projects. Different sampling methods are used according to different projects.
②Sampling points should be roughly evenly distributed on the entire ore body, that is, the entire mining area should be taken care of on the plane, the ground surface should be taken care of on the elevation, and the deep part should be taken care of. However, it should focus on the initial mining area.
③The number of sampling points should be as large as possible, but the construction conditions should be taken into consideration. Generally, one type of mineral sample should not be less than four points.

4. General practice of sampling

Sampling is carried out according to the representative requirements of the mineral samples above. The actual total sampling amount in the mining area should not be less than twice of the mineral samples required for the test. Half of it is kept as a spare sample. However, before the samples are sent and packaged, it is necessary to select a laboratory to check whether the collected ore samples are consistent with the grade of the ore deposit, so as to prevent large deviations in grade and not strong representativeness after the samples are sent.

Reconnaissance Sampling 1 - Why do reconnaissance mineral samples?

Reconnaissance Sampling 3 - Why do reconnaissance mineral samples?

The ore is generally sampled and analyzed after the geological exploration is completed. Samples are collected, samples are pretreated, measurements are taken and results are calculated to determine the mineability of the ore. Sampling is the most critical step. The results will be affected if the sample is not representative. How can one select a mineral sample?

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