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What types of magnetic separation of ore are there?

Currently, magnetic separation of ore are used at home and abroad, and they use different classification methods. Here are the different classification methods according to their characteristics.


1. Magnetic separators may be classified based on their magnetic source, such as permanent magnetic separators and electromagnetic separators.

2. Based on the strength of the magnetic field, they can be classified as follows:

①Magnetic separator with a weak magnetic field, magnetic field intensity on the pole surface, ho = 72 ~ 136 Ka / m,

Magnetic field force hgradh = (2.5 ~ 5.0) × 1011 a 2 / m3;

② Magnetic separator with medium magnetic field, magnetic field intensity on the magnetic pole ho = 160 ~ 480 Ka / M;

③ High magnetic field magnetic separator, magnetic field intensity on the surface of magnetic pole ho = 480 * 1600 Ka / m, magnetic field force hgradh = (1.5 * 6.0) * 1013 A / m3.

3. The magnetic separation of ore can be classified into two types, dry magnetic separator and wet magnetic separator, depending on the material used in the separation process.

4. Magnetic fields can be classified into constant magnetic fields, pulsating magnetic fields, and alternating magnetic fields.

5. Depending on the shape and structure of the machine body, it is divided into belt magnetic separators, drum magnetic separators, roller magnetic separators, disc magnetic separators, ring magnetic separators, cage magnetic separators, and pulley magnetic separators.

magnetic separator 8 - What types of magnetic separation of ore are there?

It is mainly distinguished by the strength of the magnetic field and the structure of the selective medium.

Strong magnetic minerals, such as magnetite, titanomagnetite, and ferrosilicon, are usually separated using weak magnetic separators. It was mostly electromagnetic magnetic systems in the past, and the body shape was cylindrical and belt-type. The current technology is mainly permanent magnetic and cylindrical, and it is widely used in wet mode.

To separate nonferrous metals and rare metal minerals, domestic and foreign high-intensity magnetic separators mainly used dry high-intensity magnetic separators with coarse separation particle sizes. Over the past decade, various types of wet high-intensity magnetic separators have been developed to separate weak magnetic minerals with low grade, fine embedded particles and complex mineral compositions, including ring type, cage type, and disc type.

Generally, medium magnetic field magnetic separators are used to separate locally oxidized strong magnetic ores.

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