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What technologies are used in gold processing?

Our company has summarized a variety of gold processing schemes, which are mainly based on the different properties of gold ore, and the washing schemes employed are also different. Combined beneficiation is used to recover gold from some grade ores.

IMG 0741 - What technologies are used in gold processing?

IMG 0615 - What technologies are used in gold processing?

IMG 0591 - What technologies are used in gold processing?

Following is a detailed description of the gold dressing methods used for different gold ores:

  1. Quartz vein deposits and oxidized ore containing coarse-grained gold are washed using a single mercury mixing process.
  2. Quartz vein gold bearing ore undergoes a combined washing process of mercury mixing and gravity separation.
  3. Gold bearing oxidized quartz vein ore is washed using the combined methods of gravity separation (mercury mixing) – cyanidation.
  4. We use a single flotation washing process for sulfide gold bearing quartz vein ore with fine gold particles and high floatability, polymetallic gold bearing sulfide ore, and carbon (graphite) ore.
  5. The oxidized ore containing gold, the gold ore associated with free gold and the ore treated by single flotation are all washed using mercury mixing flotation.
  6. A fine or fine particle dispersion of gold is found in quartz vein ore. Despite its deep oxidation, the ore lacks Cu, As, Sb, Bi, and carbonaceous substances. The whole slime cyanidation (direct cyanidation) separation and washing process is adopted.
  7. There is a close symbiotic relationship between gold and sulfide in gold bearing quartz vein ore and quartz pyrite ore. The flotation concentrate cyanidation beneficiation process contains. floatable minerals harmful to cyanidation, and only a small amount of gold is combined with this mineral. Flotation roasting cyanidation washing process is adopted.
  8. The ore with close symbiosis between gold and sulfide and can only be recovered by smelting method adopts the combined flotation gravity separation and washing process.
  9. The ore with low gold grade adopts the beneficiation process of heap leaching, which is a type of washing process of cyanidation gold extraction method.

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