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What is the most efficient way to set up a gold concentrator?

Previously, Dasen mining introduced the equipment needed for gold mining. Now let’s analyze the investment in the gold concentration.

Investment analysis of gold ore dressing plant.

How to invest in a gold ore beneficiation plant? In the case of vein gold ore that can be mined for a long time, it is recommended to build a plant on-site that will save transportation and labor costs and process the ore directly after mining. In terms of crushing equipment, a fixed crusher is recommended. Despite the relatively low price of the fixed crusher, it has stable performance, high output, and high production efficiency, compared with the mobile crusher.

The location of vein gold ore is sporadic, and the stock of each location is relatively small, so it is more economical to use a mobile crusher. Though more costly to purchase, the mobile crusher can be used more easily. It can be driven directly to the gold mine. Following the processing of one location, it can then be driven directly to the next gold mine.

Obviously, if the vein gold ore in several locations is not too far from the location and there is no desire to move the concentrator, the site of the plant can be reasonably selected in several mines in order to minimize the comprehensive freight of raw ore and gold concentrator machine.

Choosing a gold concentrator is a multi-faceted and comprehensive process. For this reason, the principles of adopting measures to local conditions, convenient operations, full coordination, cost-savings, and high productivity must be followed.


How to extract gold concentration from placer gold ore?

There are two options if the mine is a placer gold mine. One is on the gold dredging ship, and the other is the gold processing plant, which is where the gold is mined. The other is to fix the plant in the nearest land.

Investment Principles of Gold Concentration plant

Above Dasen mining introduced the more obvious issues that require attention, and below is a summary of the investment principles of gold mine concentrators.


  1. Electricity

At present, the power of the equipment is relatively green, and economical energy is electricity. The concentrator requires a large amount of electricity, and the location of the concentrator must have sufficient power. When choosing a plant site, it is necessary to consider the power supply of the selected plant. The power supply must be economical and reliable, and an agreement for electricity use must be obtained.

  1. Water

The treatment of gold mines is basically inseparable from water. Therefore, it is necessary to have abundant water resources. The water quality and quantity of the water supply source are required to meet the needs of beneficiation production and reduce unnecessary transportation and costs. For the development and exploitation of groundwater resources, the relevant departments must consent, and water supply agreements should be obtained from metallurgical plants or other units supplying water.

  1. Environment

Environmental protection is a problem that must be paid attention to in the investment process of our gold concentrator. It not only has the tailings treatment problem we often say but also includes wastewater treatment, backwater treatment, water and soil conservation, noise protection, and many other aspects. To avoid pollution of cities and towns as far as possible, plant sites should be as far downwind as possible, pollution prevention measures pertaining to dust, flue gases, and other emissions must be taken, and the plant must stay away from people’s living places as far as possible.

  1. Traffic

For both engineering construction and maintaining the normal production of an enterprise, picking a location with relatively easy transportation is very important. In the selection of plant site, the distance between the plant site and nearby roads, water transport terminals, and railways, as well as the way of connection and connection, shall be considered. In principle, the more convenient the better.

  1. Site topography

The terrain conditions of the concentrator should preferably enable the pulp of the concentrator to flow by itself, followed by semi gravity, then by pressure. Generally, the crushing plant is arranged in suitable terrain, with a natural slope of about 25 degrees and a state house of about 15 degrees. If there are no such ideal topographic conditions, even when the plant is to be built on flat ground, considering the drainage needs of the plant, the plant site should still have a natural slope of 4% – 5%. The topographic gradient required by the slurry semi gravity concentrator is between the above two.

  1. Site area

We should implement the principle of saving land. It is necessary to occupy as little land as possible, especially less or no good land, regardless of whether the plant is built on a hillside or flat land. For tailings pond, reclamation shall be properly considered when conditions permit.

  1. Tailings pond

For gold concentrator construction and production, tailings facilities are essential. A reasonable and superior concentrator site must be matched with its corresponding tailings pond. The volume of the tailings pond is consistent with the service life of the concentrator. Valley or depression in low concave shape should be selected to minimize earthwork and maximize reservoir capacity, and the location should be as close to concentrator as possible, In order to save the cost of tailings transportation.

  1. Engineering safety and enterprise safety

The plant site is selected according to the engineering geological and hydrogeological conditions of the area to ensure engineering safety and enterprise safety. To reduce the cost of foundation treatment, the site of the gold ore dressing plant shall not be located in the design caving area of the underground mining site, within the blasting zone of open-pit mining sites, which includes faults, karst caves, landslides, debris flows, humus soil, ancient wells, ancient tombs, and other unfavorable engineering geological sections. The slope and alluvial zones should be treated with caution. The site endurance is generally required to be greater than 98066.5 PA (10 t / m2). For crushing plant, main plant, ore bin, and other heavy building sections greater than 196133 PA (20 t / m2), it is not suitable to build plants in earthquake areas above magnitude 9 or collapsible loess areas above magnitude

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