What is gold ore and what is it used for ?

What is gold ore and what is it used for ?

What is a gold ore ?

Gold ore is usually refered as gold ore ( a kind of stone ) or gold deposit (mountain). The gold ore is a mineral aggregate with sufficient amount of gold and can be industrially utilized. While gold mine is a place to obtain gold through mining operations, and it is mineral effects formed by industrially utilized gold ore accumulation.

There is no metal in the world to intervene in human economic life like gold, and has produced such a significant impact to the human society. Its dazzling shiny and unparalleled physical chemistry characteristics have magical eternal charm. Although the social status of gold has a vicissitudes in the history of human and thousands of years of civilization, the chaisage and humiliation, the lifting changes are indifferent. Gold is still now maintain a sacred radius in many people , is represents wealth to the world.

How is the gold ore formed?

Gold ore types are complex and diverse. Mainly including gravel type, green rock type, quartz veins, toughness shear tape type, carin type, flattered rock type, shallow low temperature heat liquid type, volcanic type, new generation of sand mines etc.

Gold content in the earth, the core is 2.6ppm, the mantle is 0.005ppm, the crust is 0.004ppm. Gold content in the crust is only 1/107 of iron and 1/21 of silver. More than 99% of gold on the earth enters the core.

In summary, gold has a low abundance value in the crustal, and has the nature of resulfurization, bronze, intranetics and high melting points. To form an industrial deposit, gold is going to enriched thousands of times; to form a large or rich mine,, gold may need to enricher thousands times or tens of thousands times, and even higher. It is generally believed that large gold mines have to experience a considerable geological period, and it is possible to form through a variety of sources, geological structural evolution and multiple mines.

Development history of the gold mine industry

From the globbessing of human social development, the 19th century is a very important century. In the history of thousands of years before the 19th century, there is less than 10,000 tons of gold produced in total in humans, such as 200 tons of gold in the 18th century. By the 19th century gold production leapped up new stairs, gold production in 100 years reached 11,500 tons, which was 57.5 times of the 18th century, of which 10,000 tons were produced between 1850 and 1900.

After entering the 20th century, the overall production of gold in the world has an upward trend, and there is a phenomenon that has increased significantly several times. In 1900, the world’s gold yield was 300 tons per year. In the early 20th century, the highest output upto 700 tons per year. The highest output year in the 1930s reached 1,500 tons per year. The highest output year in the 1960s was close to 1,500 tons, and the annual output of the world’s gold in the 1980s breakthrough to 2000 Tons, the overall production in the 1990s is still growing. The world’s gold production since the 1990s is still relatively stable. The world’s gold production has been stable in the 21st century. The average is about 2,600 tons.

Although gold production capacity of some countries have improved, such as Australia, Peru, Indonesia; but the gold production capacity in South Africa, the United States has declined. In addition, due to the long investment cycle of the gold mine, the exploitation cost is high. From a historical data, the number of global minerals is impossible to grow rapidly. Therefore, we believe that the world gold production will not change significantly in the next few years, still relatively stable.

what is gold ore used for

1, gold mine

Gold Mining Enterprise is the first ring of the gold industry chain, which is a provider of gold ore. Gold mines is a relatively long process from risk exploration, economic feasibility analysis, investment, mining; and a high input, high return capital operation process.

Gold mine investment, mining is inseparable from the financing support of commercial banks, and is destined to the rights and participation of commercial banks to exploit gold from the mining.

After the gold mine exploits the gold ore, it will be sold through the exchange or bank, and semi-finished products will be sold to gold refining enterprises.

2, gold refining company

The gold mine company can only produce raw gold, and further purifying is done by the refinery.

If gold is selling in the gold market, it is necessary to comply with the transaction delivery standards, as well as the refined gold bars certified by the exchange.

In foreign countries, only 1-2 refinery in a country is used to purify raw gold produced throughout the country. Refinery is a positive participant in the gold market.

3, jewelry enterprise

Jewelry manufacturing is the largest demand in global gold market. Jewelry companies generally buy gold raw materials in the golden exchange center. While providing financing to jewelery companies, banks are also involved in the prime transactions of jewelery companies.

4, other gold companies

Gold informative investment such as gold bars, gold coins, souvenirs are a very important ring in the gold industry chain. Industrial gold, such as mobile phones, military products, and even temple decorations are gold users.

5, bank

Banks bear a very important role in the golden industry chain. At the same time, the bank provides financing services, such as gold lending, and offers a hedging product in the next, downstream enterprises.

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