Gold Ore Processing Equipment: A Guide to Setting Up Your Gold Mine

The process of gold mining equipment is an effective method of extracting gold. Gold appreciates constantly, and the number of applications for gold is expanding rapidly. As a result, gold’s mining intensity is also increasing each year.

So, what equipment is needed to open a gold ore concentrator? How much does a set of equipment cost?

Introduction to gold mining equipment

Most of the gold raw materials on the market today come from vein gold mines, which produce about 75-85% of the total gold supply.

A number of vein gold deposits are found in China, including gold-bearing quartz veins, gold-bearing quartz veins, gold-bearing granite altered by pyrite, gold-bearing tungsten arsenic ore quartz veins, and gold-bearing polymetallic sulfide ore quartz veins.

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The whole process flow of gold ore beneficiation is mainly into four stages: crusher, grind, separator, and dry. The equipment used in each stage is as follows:

Crushing part

Jaw crusher, impact crusher, and cone crushers are the primary equipment used in gold ore crushing.

When gold ore is first broken, it is crushed in a jaw crusher, which has the advantage of a large crushing strength and a large crushing capacity, allowing it to crush materials to 50mm at a time.

Depending on the actual situation, you can use either an impact crusher or a cone crusher for secondary crushing after initial crushing. Impact crushers are suitable for crushing soft materials, while cone crushers are suitable for crushing hard materials.

Grinding part

In this part, the ball mill is used as the main equipment, which aims to separate the useful components in gold ore from gangue, provide powerful conditions for the later separation stage and improve the beneficiation grade of gold concentrate as high as possible.

Separator part

The gold extraction method combines gravity separation and flotation for gold separation. This method is economical, reasonable, simple and scientific, and can improve the recovery of gold concentrate to a great extent.
The main equipment used is a flotation machine, spiral classifier, etc.
To classify the finely ground stone powder, the spiral classifier is used, and the large particles of stone powder are ground in the ball mill again;
The flotation machine extracts high-grade gold concentrate slurry with the help of relevant reagents.

Drying part

To use the gold concentrate slurry normally, its physical state must be changed.
Gold concentrate slurry must be precipitated, concentrated, dried, and dehydrated with equipment such as a dryer, thickener, and dehydrator.

Gold processing equipment - Gold Ore Processing Equipment: A Guide to Setting Up Your Gold Mine

How much does a set of gold mining equipment cost?

An average set of gold ore dressing equipment costs about US$30,000-$900,000. One of the reasons for such a large price discrepancy is that some gold ore blocks are small, which can be handled by one jig; some need to start with crushing and require additional equipment.

In addition, the price difference is also affected by the following two factors:

Gold processing line design

When the production line is configured in a scientific and reasonable manner, such as the correct connection between various equipment and a compact layout, the investment capital can be reduced accordingly.

Gold beneficiation manufacturers

Parts, materials, and labor costs of equipment manufactured by different manufacturers differ, resulting in different prices;
Furthermore, the larger the scale of the manufacturer, the more complete the gold ore dressing production line that can be provided, the more cost-effective the price will be;
When production capacity is limited and the equipment needs to be assembled, the price will be higher.

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Furthermore, factors such as geography and market conditions affect the gold ore beneficiation production line. You can consult Dasen Mining before purchasing equipment. We will provide you with comprehensive services to ensure high quality and low prices. Contact Information:WhatsApp :+8613319277356 Email:[email protected]