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Which froth flotation cell should you choose?

Froth flotation cell refers to the mechanical equipment that completes the flotation process. In the flotation machine, the slurry treated with chemicals is stirred and aerated, so that some of the mineral particles are selectively fixed on the bubbles; it floats to the surface of the slurry and is scraped out to form a foam product, while the rest remains in the slurry In order to achieve the purpose of separating minerals. There are many structural forms of flotation machines. At present, the most commonly used ones are mechanical agitating flotation machines, aerated agitated flotation machines, and aerated flotation machines (flotation columns).

浮选 - Which froth flotation cell should you choose?

1. Mechanical stirring flotation machine
The aeration and stirring of the slurry of the flotation machine are completed by the impeller and a customized mechanical stirring device. It belongs to the external air self-suction flotation machine, which is generally the upper gas suction type, that is, the mechanical stirring device at the bottom of the flotation tank. Inhale air nearby. This type of flotation machine can not only self-prime air, but also self-prime ore pulp. It is easy to achieve self-flow when returning from the mine, has less auxiliary equipment, neat equipment configuration, simple operation and maintenance, etc.; but this machine has a small air volume and high power consumption. , The wear is also greater. The mechanical stirring flotation machine is the most widely used among all kinds of froth flotation cell.

SF型浮选机3 - Which froth flotation cell should you choose?

2. Inflatable stirring flotation machine
The aerated stirring froth flotation cell is equipped with a mechanical stirring device, which uses an external fan to forcefully blow in air, but the mechanical stirring device generally only plays the role of stirring the slurry and distributing the airflow. The air is mainly pressed into the slurry by an external fan. Aeration and stirring are separate.

充气式机械搅拌浮选机 - Which froth flotation cell should you choose?

Therefore, this type of froth flotation cell has the following characteristics compared with a general mechanical agitation froth flotation machine:
(1) The air is supplied by an external blower, and the amount of air can be adjusted through the valve according to the needs of flotation.
(2) Since the impeller only plays a stirring role and does not have a suction effect, the speed is low, the stirring is not very strong, and the flotation of brittle minerals is not easy to cause a muddy phenomenon. The slurry surface is relatively stable, and it is easy to form a stable foam layer, which is beneficial to improving the sorting index.
(3) The impeller speed is low, the ore pulp flows by gravity, the electricity consumption per unit of ore processing is low, the service life is long, and the equipment maintenance cost is also low.

This type of flotation machine has a CHF-X type, XJC type, BS-C type, KYF type, BS-K type, LCH-X type, CLF type, and so on.

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