chemical composition of rocks

When it comes to ore, why should we know its Mineral composition?

Research on mineral composition is extremely comprehensive, and the methods used are diverse. As most of the work in this area is done by experts and does not require beneficiation personnel to do it themselves, we will only focus on three things here:
(1) Understand the contents, methods, and procedures of ore property research in relation to ore washability;
(2) How to present the requirements for ore property research according to the test task;
(3)By using a few common examples of mineral test schemes, this paper shows how to analyze the research results of ore properties, and select the beneficiation scheme accordingly.

选矿分析 - When it comes to ore, why should we know its Mineral composition?


The scope of the mineral composition research depends on the nature of each specific ore and the depth of the beneficiation research work, but generally, it includes the following aspects:
(1) The research of chemical composition the research content of the chemical composition is to study the type, content, and combination of chemical elements contained in ore;
(2) Research on the mineral composition the research content of the mineral composition is to study the types and contents of various minerals contained in ores, and the occurrence forms of useful and harmful elements. Mineral composition, structure, and distribution of useful minerals.
(3) Study on ore structure, the embedded particle size of useful minerals and their symbiotic relationship;
(4) Study on the dissociation degree of monomers and the characteristics of conjoined bodies of beneficiation products;
(5) Determination of particle size composition and specific surface area;
(6) Study of the physical, chemical, physicochemical, and other properties of the ore and its constituent minerals.


The general research work on mineral composition starts from deposit sampling. In the process of deposit sampling, it is not only necessary to collect representative samples for research, but also to collect data related to the ore and the deposit characteristics of geological exploration.

Prior to developing general mineral resources, it is necessary to analyze the ore properties in depth. Assess the beneficiation technology based on ore research, and consider whether the mineral resource has development value based on the current economic and technical conditions. Beneficiation test research should also be carried out based on ore property research, to reduce investment risk. It is possible to estimate the cost from ore to qualified concentrate products using beneficiation test research.


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