mechanical flotation cell

How can mechanical flotation cells be repaired?

A mechanical flotation cell is a kind of widely used flotation equipment. Its stable and efficient operation is an effective way to ensure the economic benefits of the flotation concentrator.
In the flotation process, the common faults of mechanical flotation machines mainly include mixing mechanism fault, scraper mechanism fault, tank fault, and ram fault.

Mixing mechanism failure
As the core component of the flotation machine, the stirring mechanism determines whether the flotation machine can function normally. After replacing some parts, the flotation machine may have problems that the mixing mechanism is inflexible or even unable to operate normally, or the motor bearing temperature is too high, abnormal vibration, noise and other phenomena during operation. If it is not handled in time, the motor may be burned and the bearing may be damaged.

Scraper mechanism failure
The scraper of the flotation machine is located above the slot of the mechanical flotation cell. It is an important functional component of a mechanical flotation machine and is used for scraping foam products. In the process of installation and use, the common faults of the scraper mechanism are mainly manifested in the inflexible rotation of the scraper mechanism shaft, broken shaft, high motor temperature, motor deceleration, oil leakage of the reducer, etc.

Tank failure
The failure of the froth flotation machine tank generally occurs in the equipment installation stage, that is, the fixed position may have different degrees of water seepage and water leakage, and some will appear at the individual welds of the channel at the bottom of the tank.

Ram failure
The ram is located at the rear of the mechanical flotation cell and has a simple structure. It is mainly used to adjust the liquid level in the tank. Its installation and commissioning and use frequency are high, and it is prone to handwheel damage, water running and other faults.

浮选工艺 1 - How can mechanical flotation cells be repaired?

The above are the four common mechanical failures of mechanical flotation machines. In actual production, attention should be paid to cultivating the maintenance and maintenance awareness of the flotation machine, and the maintenance personnel is required to master the working principle and failure maintenance characteristics of the flotation machine, perform reasonable maintenance and prolong the service types of flotation cells. It is recommended that the mine owner make purchases, Choose a flotation machine manufacturer that can provide installation and commissioning services and technical support to avoid mechanical failure of the flotation machine from the source.

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