What are the best places to find placer gold?

First, you need to research where there are gold mines nearby.
Then, pick out places with streams near the gold mine site.
Third, select the stream that is far from the village.
Finally, take your sand screening equipment and start trying your luck in the pre-selected stream closest to the gold mine.
① The most convenient location can only be near the gold mine, hoping that the stream will wash through some low-grade ore-bearing formations and bring out the gold.
② If you happen to know a little bit of geology, you should give priority to choosing the river section and downstream where the stream flows through the lithology that is easy to develop gold deposits.
③ Of course, there is also a way to find the technicians in the gold mine to “make” a geological map and then look for the stream according to the map.

选金溜槽 - What are the best places to find placer gold?

Reasonable design according to slope and water speed and some knowledge of geology. Reasonable water speed, slope, and sand blocking interval can screen out pure gold sand with different particle sizes, instead of a handful of sand mixed with gold, and finally need to be manually sorted.

It is not strictly designed, and you can make some partitions randomly, and finally sieve it manually.
Sieve the sand, the length must be enough, you don’t want the gold to flow back into the river without being screened out. Therefore, the modular design that can be freely assembled and disassembled is very meaningful.
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