Unlocking Gold’s Grip: Unveiling the Rock Gold Gravity Separation Process

Rosa from Dasen Mining offers insights into the rock gold gravity separation process, a method that presents a simple and cost-effective approach for processing free gold. The gravity process involves key stages, including crushing, grinding in a ball mill, and the use of centrifugal concentrators and shaking tables. Notably, this process is environmentally friendly as it does not involve the use of chemical agents.

However, the gravity process may yield a lower recovery rate. Therefore, as part of a comprehensive strategy, subsequent testing of the tailings is recommended. If gold is still present in the tailings, pit leaching can be employed to recover the remaining gold, thereby enhancing the overall recovery rate. This combination of gravity separation and pit leaching serves as an effective means to maximize gold recovery.

The integration of gravity separation and pit leaching represents a significant advancement in gold recovery methods. By employing this comprehensive approach, mining operations can effectively manage tailings and extract additional value from previously processed materials.

Dasen Mining’s gold gravity separation plant serves as a valuable reference point for industry professionals seeking to enhance their gold recovery processes.

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