The river has gold, how can it be cleaned?

1. There must be gold in the river. Otherwise, there is no way to find it.
2. If there is gold in the river, use the specific gravity of gold to far exceed the characteristics of sediment, wash away the sediment with water, and you will find gold.

How do you wash gold off the river - The river has gold, how can it be cleaned? ls it possible to wash gold out of the river - The river has gold, how can it be cleaned?

In order to extract gold from alluvial gold, there are two main methods: fire alchemy and electrolytic extraction. The pyro alchemy process involves crushing the ore, separating the heavy sand, enriching it, and ultimately refining it in a furnace; electrolytic gold extraction uses sodium cyanide to dissolve the gold in the ore and then electrolyze it to remove it. It is possible to refine gold to a purity of 99.9% using this method.

Primitive Gold Rush Principle:
The chemical properties of gold are very stable and generally do not react with other substances, so most of its free state exists in sand and stone. The density of gold is much greater than that of sand, close to ten times the density of sand, so it is not easy to be washed away by water, and it is easier to settle down.
Gold-containing sand is therefore washed with a large amount of water in the original gold panning method. As the sand and stones are washed, the collision particles become smaller and smaller, and the gold-containing sand is enriched in the front section, and then the sand with the highest gold content in the front section is collected and used. The process is repeated constantly. Until the gold content reaches the required level.

Can gold be washed from a river - The river has gold, how can it be cleaned?

Extended information:
The difference between gold and alluvial gold:
1. Alluvial gold is a kind of gold, which belongs to raw gold.
2. The difference between alluvial gold and gold is mainly in purity. The alluvial gold extracted by panning is equivalent to 95 and 96 gold in purity.
3. Alluvial gold is cheaper than gold.
4. Gold has four textures, including gold of different purity, and alluvial gold is a kind of gold
5. Alluvial gold and gold have different sites. Alluvial gold is produced in the bottom of rivers and some low-lying areas, mixed with rock, sand, and mud, and washed out of gold.


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