Ta&Nb ore Beneficiation Testing in Kenya

Testing of the efficiency of Ta&Nb ore Beneficiation in Kenya

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Today, we will introduce you the Beneficiation Testing of Ta&Nb Ore.

This is that Ta&Nb ore from Kenya. And the customer wants to do the Ta&Nb ore gravity beneficiation testing.
First step, we did the different elements testing in raw ore.

1 - Ta&Nb ore Beneficiation Testing in Kenya

This is the Tantalum niobium, silicon, aluminum and calcium content. We can see this raw ore grade is very high, which could be the limit value in ore content.

Second step, we started the testing of Crushing+Grinding+Gravity Separation testing.

According to the raw material and different elements in the raw material, we designed for crushing+grinding firstly, uniformed all ore sample content, then using the multi-gravity separation to remove Si,Al,Ca and other impurities.

This is the processing flow we use.

2 - Ta&Nb ore Beneficiation Testing in Kenya

In this flow, we use 3 stages gravity separation, we collected the different samples on different concentration, middling and tailings, then we make the new content testing on them. After the whole process, we can know:the best beneficiation process is Crushing+Grinding+Multi-gravity separation.

This is lab video, the gravity separation part.

This is the content result after testing:

3 - Ta&Nb ore Beneficiation Testing in Kenya

This is final testing result:

4 - Ta&Nb ore Beneficiation Testing in Kenya

Based above data, we can get the conclusions:
1. Content upgrade range is not obvious after multi-gravity separation

If all raw ore is like this, we recommend the customer sell them directly to market, in case there will be the lose in tailing during beneficiation.

  1. During multi-gravity separation, the SiO2content is reducing all the time.

From the first stage to the third stage gravity separation, SiO2 content reduced obviously from 2.4% down to 0.01%.

  1. Multi-gravity separation is is very high economical and enough to Ta & Nb ore recovery in actual production, not necessary to add the magnetic part.

In raw ore, there are also the Fe2O3. Fe2O3 is weak magnetic and not including the magnetic intensity, so it is not suitable for normal magnetic separation.But if using the high strength magnetic separator to remove it, we have to use the very high-precision and complicate processing technique, which is very high cost in actual production. Only using the multi-gravity separation in actual production, the customer can get this content result: 56.72-59.23% Nb & 18.5-19.55% Ta.


So, based on the complete testing, Crushing+Grinding+Multi-gravity separation is surely the best beneficiation method for processing this Ta & Nb ore.

Below is the data report of testing:

5 - Ta&Nb ore Beneficiation Testing in Kenya

6 - Ta&Nb ore Beneficiation Testing in Kenya

7 - Ta&Nb ore Beneficiation Testing in Kenya

This all is the complete testing process and the result of Ta & Na ore.

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