Gold Leaching Chemicals

New video:”Environmental Type Gold Leaching Chemicals”

Niko:Hello, everyone, this is Niko. Today, I am gonna introduce you…(Gold Leaching Chemicals)
Rose: Hi, Niko
Niko: Hi, Rose
Rose: What’s your taking?
Niko: This is environmental type gold leaching chemicals we will introduce today.
Rose: What is used for?
Niko: This is for gold leaching application.
Rose: You mean extracting gold in leaching process? right?
Niko: Yes…exactly.
Rose: This is same as sodium cyanide?
Niko: Actually, its function is same. But sodium cyanide will produce the pollution, this chemicals wont, it is the environmental type. For the tailings, you can add bleaching powder to neutralize, then discharging can be done.
Rose: Nice chemicals.
Niko: Yes, at present, its application is very wide at oversea, our most gold leaching clients use this chemicals.
Rose: OK, it needs some certificates when exporting?
Niko: Yes, it needs. No matter airplane shipping, or ocean shipping, we have all transportation certificates. Besides, we also have non-toxic and harmless test certificate & MSDS.
Rose: OK, well, how to use this chemicals? Do u have instruction manual?
Niko: Yes, we have. When buyers using this chemicals or testing, if meet any problem about gold leaching, we can supply free consulting service.
Rose: OK, how about samples, do you supply?
Niko: Yes, we supply 1kg free sample.
Rose: Well, how about its leaching rate, comparing with the sodium cyanide?
Niko: This is a good question…. Technically, different ores have different features, some is suitable for sodium cyanide, but there are many anothers still suitable for environmental type gold leaching chemicals. However, in general, the leaching speed of environmental type gold leaching chemicals is quicker than sodium cyanide.
Rose: Oh, that’s great, how about its price?
Niko: Well… its price is US$2650 per ton. If the client orders more, the discount can be negotiable.
Rose: Sounds very good, I want to order more……
Niko: Wow….no problem.

Niko: All above is about the environmental type gold leaching chemicals introduction. The following are packaging pics & application on site, pls kindly check…

Niko: Thanks for your watching, see u next time…
Rose: Bye…

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