New video:“Specific Gravity Separator”

Hello, everyone, this is Niko from Dasen Mining Machinery. Today, I will introduce you to the Specific Gravity Separator.


In mineral processing, there are four types of common gravity separators, which are shaking table, centrifugal concentrator, spiral chute, and jig machine.

Before starting our introduction, I hope you know why we call these four machines a gravity separator, the main reason is they do separate by ores gravity of themselves.

Now, let me introduce you to these four separators one by one.

Firstly, we can talk about the shaking table, you can watch this video.
This machine is an important separator for getting concentrate. It has only one model-6S, its feeding size is 0-2mm, and its capacity is 10tpd. In the gravity process, the shaking table is often as the final machine. By using it, you can get the final ore concentrate.

The second machine is a centrifugal concentrator, you can watch this video.
This machine is a rough gravity separator, which means you can use this in front of a shaking table. Its feeding size is 0-6mm. And its capacity is also bigger than shaking tables. It has different models. This machine is mainly used on gold processing, which can collect rough free gold granular.

The third machine is a spiral chute, you can watch this video.

This machine is also a rough gravity separator. But its feeding size is smaller than the centrifugal concentrator. It has no power part, you can use it directly without any electricity. This spiral chute is often used with a group form. It is widely used on chrome/tin/zircon sand/gold etc.

The fourth machine is the jig machine, you can watch this video.

This machine has a rough gravity separator too. Its feeding size is the biggest in these four machines, which is < 30mm. It also has a larger capacity, a wider size sorting range. This machine is widely used on gold, chrome, tin, tungsten, lead, zinc, manganese, diamond ore, etc.


The above is all in today’s video. Thanks for your watching, see you next time, bye-bye!

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