New Video -Cyanide Carbon Leaching Process

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Today, we will introduce you to the Cyanide Carbon Leaching Process.

The cyanide carbon leaching process generally includes four parts: crushing, grinding, leaching, and activated carbon adsorption. The crushing and grinding are usually carried out in the same workshop, while leaching and activated carbon adsorption usually require a larger size and a better ventilation environment.

cyanide leaching for gold - New Video -Cyanide Carbon Leaching Process

For the cyanide carbon leaching process, only the grinding outputting size reaches at least 70-80% 200 mesh the leaching process may not be affected. For the leaching process, we also divide it into CIL and CIP based on the different sequences of activated carbon adsorption. CIL refers to the simultaneous leaching and adsorption of activated carbon. CIP refers to the first leaching followed by adsorption. After doing many cyanide carbon leaching projects, we found that CIL’s combination of leaching and adsorption is more conducive to actual production.

cip plant - New Video -Cyanide Carbon Leaching Process

Technically, compared to gravity and flotation separation, the cyanide carbon leaching process has the highest recovery rate for gold ore, which is at least 90%.

Economically, compared to gravity and flotation separation, the cost of the cyanide carbon leaching process is also the highest.

Currently, the cyanide carbon leaching process has gradually become the preferred process for most gold miner owners when processing gold, because it has better recovery rates and is more inclusive for different gold mines. However, considering the cost, many gold miners prefer to use a small processing capacity first, and then expand the processing capacity when they can get good results.

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