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Do you know much about molybdenum ore?

Molybdenum ore is a silver-white plastic rare metal with excellent and unique properties such as strong electrical and thermal conductivity, small expansion coefficient, high high-temperature strength, stable processing performance, and easier processing under pressure.

钼矿 - Do you know much about molybdenum ore?

Uses of molybdenum

Molybdenum is widely used in daily life, especially in steel alloy additives, aluminum-based alloys and chemical products.

1.Molybdenum as alloy additive:
It has a wide range of uses. Various alloy steel consumption tongs account for the proportion of total alloy consumption tongs: 44% for alloy steel, 22% for stainless steel, 8% for high-speed steel and tool steel, and 8% for cast iron and rolls.

2.Molybdenum-based alloy:
Molybdenum alloys are widely used to make nozzles, heat shields, leading edges and rudders of aerospace rocket engines; as turbine impellers for tank armor and cruise missiles. In the electronics industry, molybdenum-based alloys are widely used as the grids and screens of various electron tubes and the power leads of advanced electric light sources. In the chemical industry, molybdenum-based alloys can replace platinum as electrodes in glass melting furnaces and as materials for manufacturing smelting and molten metal containers.


Molybdenum deposit type

Among the molybdenum deposits that have been mined in the world, molybdenite is the main ore mineral type. The deposit type is mainly porphyry type, followed by skarn type, and a few are quartz vein type, pegmatite type, fine crystalline rock type and sedimentary type. Wait. The porphyry type is divided into porphyry molybdenum deposits and porphyry copper-molybdenum deposits. The former has the largest deposits, with an average Mo content of about 0.12%, and some 0.3%; large scale, shallow burial, and open-pit mining conditions, often associated Tungsten, tin, copper, lead, zinc and other components; the latter’s ore grade is low, with an average Mo content of about 0.02% to 0.08%. This type of deposit is widely distributed, with Chile, Peru, Mexico, the United States, and Canada. distributed. The grade of skarn-type ore is 0.1% to 0.3%, which is higher than that of porphyry-type ore. However, most of the ore deposits are medium and small in scale, and only large deposits are distributed in China and Russia.

Molybdenum resource distribution

The global molybdenum resources are mainly concentrated in North and South America, Asia, China and the CIS countries. The super-large well-known molybdenum deposits include China’s Luanchuan Molybdenum Mine and Shapinggou Molybdenum Mine, the U.S. Climax and Hendrison Molybdenum Mines, and Canada’s Endako and Boss Mt. Molybdenum mines, Chuquicamata and Pelambre molybdenum mines in Chile. The second is Eastern Europe, while Africa, Oceania and most Asian countries have very few molybdenum resources. Japan and Western Europe, which consume large amounts of molybdenum, are basically not distributed.

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