Mine site selection of tin ore in Nigeria

As we all know, Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa, especially West Africa. It has a rich population, labor resources, and extremely rich natural resources, especially mineral resources. For many mineral resources, such as tin ore, it is still very simple and primitive manual work. Hand washing is not only inefficient, the output is small and the grade of the tins ore is not high. Therefore, many customers want to improve the grade and output of tin ore by building standardized production lines and setting up processing plants.

tin ore in Nigeria 3 - Mine site selection of tin ore in Nigeria

We not only provide customers with tin ore beneficiation equipment including three-disc machines, but also help customers with a series of services such as preliminary factory site selection. Recently, the Dasen team went to Nigeria to provide technical guidance for local customers in tin mine site selection. At the mine site, a punching machine is used to conduct deep sampling, with 13 holes ranging from 1 meter to 20 meters, to ensure the taste of the samples, and the on-site terrain is used to guide customers in factory selection. Of course, in addition to this, we have also reached consensus with our customers on other aspects and will carry out long-term cooperation in deeper areas.

tin ore in Nigeria 2 - Mine site selection of tin ore in Nigeria

The corporate goal of our Dasen company is to provide customers with one-stop services in the mining field, include pre-mineral analysis, mineral processing experimental research, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, equipment installation, design and commissioning, technical training and other integrated services, to provide perfect services, and to solve all difficulties from investment to return for mining enterprises and miners at home and oversea. Welcome everyone to come and discuss business.

tin ore in Nigeria 1 - Mine site selection of tin ore in Nigeria