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Manganese ore processing methods:what are they?

Manganese oxide ores and manganese carbonate ores are the two types of manganese ores commonly found in nature. About 57% of the total amount of manganese ore comes from manganese carbonate ore.

Due to the fact that most low-grade manganese ores are fine-grained or fine-grained, and that there are a lot of phosphorus-rich ores, iron-rich ores, and CO-associated beneficial elements, it can be very difficult to separate them.

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1. Manganese oxide ore
Manganese oxide ore mostly refers to the second manganese oxide ore of weathered deposits. A small amount of primary and secondary manganese oxide ores are also found in sedimentary and hydrothermal deposits. In manganese oxide ores, manganese minerals include water manganese ore, pyrolusite, and hard manganese ore; gangue minerals include carbonate minerals and silicate minerals, and are often accompanied by cobalt, phosphorus, and pig iron.

2. Manganese carbonate ore
Manganese carbonate ores consist mostly of rhodochrosite, calcium rhodochrosite, manganese calcite, etc; Gangue minerals are classified into carbonate minerals and silicate minerals, often containing sulfur and iron impurities. The ore structure is relatively complex. In manganese minerals, embedded particles can be as small as microns, which makes it difficult to dissociate and obtain high-grade concentrate.

Inventory of manganese ore processing plant
Typically, manganese ores are embedded with fine or fine particles, and they contain a lot of iron ore, phosphorus ore, and other beneficial metals, so the beneficiation of manganese ores is still very difficult. Manganese ore is currently beneficiated in the following ways:
① Reselection
It is only suitable for separating manganese ores with coarse particle size and simple structure, such as manganese oxide ores with high density. Generally, manganese oxide ore is crushed to about 6-10mm and then sorted by gravity separation. Coarse grades are selected by jigs, mostly sawtooth jigs; fine grades are selected by shaking tables or chutes, and 6S shaking tables are mostly used.

 ②High intensity magnetic separation
In a magnetic separator with a strong magnetic field, manganese minerals can be recovered effectively. Using a magnetic separator to separate manganese ore can increase the grade of manganese concentrate by about 24% – 25%.
Because high-intensity magnetic separation is easy to operate, simple to control, and versatile, it has occupied an important place in the processing of manganese ores in recent years.
3. Strong magnetic + flotation
Manganese ore dressing methods combining strong magnetic separation and flotation are highly adaptable and are mainly suitable for manganese carbonate ores. In addition to removing manganese slime, the magnetic separator can also improve flotation grade. After desulfurization, the manganese concentrate can be obtained directly.
4. Gravity magnetic separation
Manganese oxide ore is typically treated with a combination of magnetic separation and gravity separation. Place the crushed qualified manganese ore in a magnetic separator for strong magnetic separation to obtain weak magnetic separation tailings and strong magnetic manganese concentrate. Tailings can be concentrated and tailings can be obtained after strong magnetic separation. Gravity separation manganese concentrate and tailings can be obtained from the concentrate after gravity separation.
In summary, manganese carbonate ore is typically processed by high-intensity magnetic separation, flotation, and heavy medium beneficiation. Manganese oxide ore is mainly beneficiated by gravity separation, which consists mainly of ore washing reduction roasting magnetic separation gravity separation. For some refractory manganese ores, more than two beneficiation methods need to be combined.

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