In the grinding process, why is grading important?

Extension work plays a very important role in the grinding cycle. Because the useful minerals embedded in fine grains and gangue are to be dissociated and sorted, the ore must be ground to a certain fineness. However, it is necessary to avoid over-grinding and prevent the adverse effect of silting on the sorting process. This requires timely separation of the part of the grinding ore with qualified particle size, avoiding unnecessary grinding and sending it to the sorting operation as soon as possible, and the particle size is separated. Unqualified ones are returned to the mill for regrinding.

grinding process - In the grinding process, why is grading important?

As part of the metal beneficiation process, the classification equipment is widely applied for particle size classification of ore pulp, and can also be used for desliming and dehydration in ore washing operations, forming a closed-circuit with a ball mill. According to the principle that solid particles have different settling velocities in the medium due to different particle sizes, the particle groups are divided into two or more particle sizes.

grinding process - In the grinding process, why is grading important?

The classification system
Generally, water is used for classification, known as wet classification or hydraulic classification, followed by air, known as dry classification or wind classification.
Generally, the classification process should include screening, and screening is an integral part of the crushing process.
In the processing plant, spiral classifiers (submerged type, high weir type), hydrocyclones, fine screens, cone classifiers, hydraulic separators, and trough classifiers are commonly used. Dry classification equipment consists mainly of wind classifiers.

It can be seen that the closed-circuit grinding cycle with grading operation is of great significance both technically and economically. At present, grading operations are widely used in the production of concentrators.

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