If the industrial vibrating screen is blocked, how do you fix it?

Customer inquiries often indicate that the vibrating screen is blocked during gravel classification, but the reason is unclear. The purpose of this article is to briefly analyze the reasons behind the vibrating screen’s failure.
Material and screen clogging are the two most common reasons for vibrating screen clogging.


Specifically, the reasons for the clogging of the vibrating screen can be summarized as follows:
1) The density of the material is high, and the selection of the screen is not suitable;
2) The material to be screened is wet;
3) The material to be screened has static electricity or is easy to stick;
4) The screened material is lighter;
5) The wire diameter of the screen is thick, and it is not easy to blank;
6) The bottom of the screen lacks a cleaning device (rubber elastic ball), also known as a cleaning tennis ball.

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Treatment measures for screen blockage
1. It is necessary to analyze and judge the materials to be screened and select the appropriate screen.
2. When screening materials with fine particles, moisture and mud, the materials are easy to bond. When the moisture is more than 5%, it needs to be dried, dehydrated and then screened. If the moisture is more than 8%, wet screening is required.
3. For materials with more flake particles, pay attention to adjusting the crushing method of the materials and the particle size matching of different crushing processes.
4. Different numbers of rubber elastic balls are set under the screen of the vibrating screen according to different mesh numbers.
5. Reasonable adjustment of the tension of the vibrating screen is an effective method to reduce the blocking of the screen. The reasonable tension causes the screen and the supporting beam to generate a slight secondary vibration, thereby effectively reducing the phenomenon of blocking. occurs, so that the screen can work better.

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