wolframite tungsten ore

How to find raw tungsten ore?

Raw tungsten ore deposit types, if divided by the combination of mineral elements, there are W-(Sn, Bi, Mo), W-Be, W-(Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag), W-Nb-Ta, W-Au- Sb, W-Li, W-Cu-Fe, W-REE and other types. Its industrial types include quartz vein type wolframite deposits, porphyry type tungsten deposits (fine vein disseminated type, frit type), blasting breccia type tungsten deposits, skarn type scheelite deposits, and skarn type tungsten deposits. The main strata control is mostly due to the superposition type, strata control type and placer type.

钨矿 - How to find raw tungsten ore?

Raw tungsten ore prospecting sign

1. Water system heavy sand measurement and soil heavy sand measurement. This is because scheelite and wolframite are not easy to be oxidized and decomposed during weathering and erosion, and they accumulate at the bottom of soft sediments or soil as heavy objects.
2. The crust-mantle mixed source dykes brought by deep faults can form porphyry and breccia barrel tungsten deposits; The dikes from crust source type form vein type or skarn type tungsten deposits.
3. Tungsten bearing quartz veins in tungsten ore areas often occur in groups and belts, and most of them have the characteristics of equidistant occurrence. According to the horizontal and vertical zoning distribution law of tungsten mineralization and the occurrence law of hydraulic fracturing fractures, the existence of concealed veins can be accurately predicted.
4. The internal and external contact zone of granitic rock mass and the surrounding rock of rock mass roof facies, with greisenization, silicification, potassic, sericitization, fluoritization and skarnization, are a good place to look for tungsten deposits.
5. In skarn porphyry copper, molybdenum, lead-zinc, rare earth, niobium tantalum mining areas and layered skarn distribution areas, attention should be paid to looking for tungsten deposits.
6. Fine scheelite is easy to be confused with quartz, but scheelite emits light blue fluorescence, while quartz does not. Therefore, fluorescence irradiation is the most effective and rapid means to distinguish quartz from scheelite.
7. Attention should be paid to looking for tungsten antimony gold deposits in the antimony gold formation of epimetamorphic rocks, such as Woxi gold deposit in Hunan Province.

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