How do you determine the feed concentration for a automatic jigging machine?

The continuous advancement of technology and the accumulation of experience have made today’s automatic jigging machine one of the most important gravity separation equipment.

In comparison with other beneficiation equipment, the jig has the advantages of high beneficiation efficiency, good beneficiation effect, and high recovery rates. On the website, a customer asked what the feed concentration of the automatic jigging machine is when it works. In the jig separator process, feed concentration affects the horizontal flow of selected materials.


When the feeding concentration of the jig is too low, the flow speed of the material is too fast, and the material cannot be fully jigged, it will lead to the loss of valuable minerals in the tailings, and even destroy the normal state of the bed. When the feeding concentration is too low and the amount of water is too large, it will also affect the next process in an unfavorable way. The concentration may be too high, preventing the material from stratifying according to specific gravity, thereby reducing the recovery rate. When Beneficiating with a suitable jig, feed concentration should be between 20-40%. It is best for the actual material to flow into the jig automatically.

jig saw machine ideal - How do you determine the feed concentration for a automatic jigging machine?

Automatic jigging machine with large specific gravities are more difficult to disperse by rising water flow. Because the specific gravity is too small, it is easily dispersed by the water flow and cannot be layered. Choosing the particle size of the bed is also important.


Fine-grained light minerals are easy to penetrate the deposit and enter the gold mine, which reduces the gold mine taste, but the recovery rate is high. The particle size of the deposit is too fine, pore size is too small, and the ore particles are difficult to penetrate the deposit, which will lead to low gold yield, high gold taste, and low recovery. Therefore, the particle size of the deposit should be 3-5 times larger than that of the gold ore under the screen, and the artificial bed thickness should be 40-120mm.

automatic jig machine - How do you determine the feed concentration for a automatic jigging machine?

Stratification of ore particles occurs according to the movement state of the bed, so the goal of operation is to keep the bed stable and in a state conducive to separation. It takes longer for the bed to be loose and for stratification to occur when the bed is thicker. Under conditions of insufficient air pressure or air volume, it is difficult to achieve the desired looseness with a thick bed. The thinning of the bed can enhance the sipping effect, which is conducive to the separation of fine particles and obtain relatively pure gold. However, if the bed is too thin and the sipping effect is too strong, the screening loss of gold powder will increase, the bed is unstable and the operation is difficult.

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