How do electrostatic separators differ?

The electrostatic separator is mainly used for dry type beneficiation, mainly targeting beach sand mines. such as zircon sand, monazite, and rutile.

The electrostatic separator separates minerals based on their different electrical conductivity.


Many customers often inquire whether the electrostatic separator can be used to process gold?

We can officially answer this question today. Electrostatic separator cannot be used to process gold, especially for rock gold. If sand gold contains zircon sand, rutile, and monazite, it can also be sorted using an electrostatic separator after drying. However, for rock gold, there are usually only three commonly used beneficiation methods: gravity separation, flotation, and cyanide.

Some customers have asked such questions, which may be based on their own gold ore recovery rate reaching a bottleneck, and at the same time, the ore processing time is too long, and the investment and return are not proportional. Faced with such a situation, they do not know what to do, so they want to try a dry ore processing plan. This situation can be understood, but we need to remind and emphasize that each type of ore is different, and the most important thing in mineral processing is to choose the appropriate plan based on its own mineral properties. When encountering specific problems, they need to be treated specifically.


The below is two types different electrostatic separators:

Double rollers electrostatic separator:

Electrostatic Separator 1 - How do electrostatic separators differ?

Four rollers electrostatic separator:

four rollers Electrostatic Separator 3 - How do electrostatic separators differ?

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